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What types of challenges are faced by your community? For example, this might be: natural disasters, population decline, a deteriorating economy, or challenges in education and employment… And climate change can make these issues worse, causing negative impact on the lives of community members and weakening the economy.

It is possible that forests, rivers, and the sea, which have been part of your community for many years, will change rapidly in the future.

People who have been living in harmony with nature may not live the way they have until now. Those living in urban areas may also be impacted by this change.

We are approaching a time when everyone around the world, including Japan, must come together to work against climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

Japan is a country that stretches from north to south, with a subarctic climate in the north and a subtropical climate in the south. Local communities in Japan living in different climate zones demonstrate various nature-based solutions (NbS)*1 and locally led adaptations (LLA)*2 while adapting to the climate*3 in their local areas.

These activities could help you find a solution to the challenges being faced across communities.

Our “Library” is a treasure chest of knowledge. Seeing climate change as an opportunity, we have a range of stories on adapting to it. Please have a look and find a story that helps lead you to a resolution for the issues that your community is facing.

Using Japanese Wisdom in Your Action Plan


*1 NbS: Solutions, based on ecosystems, that address social, economic, and environmental challenges effectively and adaptively, while simultaneously providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits
*2 LLA: Activities in which people of the local area and community lead efforts for climate adaptation
*3 Climate adaptation: Preventing and alleviating the predicted damage caused by climate change







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